Monday, 12 October 2009

I would like to introduce you to my friend Poppy.

Poppy is always getting into trouble.

She has a dog called Fred.

Fred goes everywhere with Poppy.

If Poppy wanted to go to the moon Fred would go too.

Fred and Poppy are always getting into trouble.

But they always have the best adventures!

Every morning Poppy takes Fred for a walk

Fred is always waiting with his lead in his mouth

Fred is always waiting for Poppy in the morning.

Poppy's big birthday bash

Poppy's big birthday bash is all about Poppy and her dog Fred.
Poppy decides to have a big party and it's not only her dog Fred who gets into trouble !

My blog will post short storys, activities, recipes and adventures, oh and the occasional thing i think you may enjoy.

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The story of poppy begins

This is my first blog.
I really want to write about the adventures of Poppy and her dog Fred.
I want to give you little bits to down load and i want to draw lots.
Poppy is a little girl i have created, she is set to have many adventures. She likes making things and doing things and general mischief, i want to post some of the things she gets up to on here and let people down load them. There will be craft ideas, baking ideas,and more.
Poppy will not be bored, so follow her on her mission to find the world we love.
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