Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Poppy has been up to

Crikey – February already? – where does the time fly?  It only seems like five minutes since the Poppy sale was in full swing and we were getting ready for Xmas!

Well, I hope the New Year is treating everyone well.  And I hope you’ve been wrapped up warm if you’re somewhere where need to be! (With the English weather this last week it feels like we’re all going to need our gloves and legwarmers for a while yet!)

For Poppy, the start of the year always flies by in a Wizard-of-Oz style whirlwind.  Everything kicks off with two of our biggest trade shows – Bubble for children and Pure for ladies.
Which means lots of: finalising designs, sorting samples, setting up stands, loading up vans and generally running round like crazy. Fred loves it, of course, but unfortunately he isn’t all that helpful when it comes to ironing dresses!

We’re all really excited about the latest designs and can’t wait to show them to you. But you’re just going to have to wait a little while longer...

We've been busy, picking colours, socks to match, and all new prints for this spring summer, so you better get ready !

Then, it's all about printing the fabric, it goes through the printer 35 meters a minite, it's so fast !

Next it's all about writing the story and drawing up Poppy and Fred's next adventure , any ideas form the picture you have seen what the adventure will be ?
We were busy getting ready for that last week: getting photos of the latest designs taken with our good friend and amazing photographer Jim, with starting to get the website ready, and with moving our stock to our shiny new warehouse  - it’s been all go!

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